• VOC Monitor
  • THM Monitor
  • Environmental

Water Treatment Plant Intake Protection

- Chemical Spills

- Oil in Water Monitor

- VOC Monitor (Hydrocarbons)

Drinking Water

- Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs)

Reagent Free on-line water monitoring

 All of our systems are designed for:

  • high sensitivity - precise control and early warning
  • low maintenance - no water contact
  • ease of use - no chemical reagents, long calibration cycles

Proven in demanding site conditions, providing rapid and reliable
gas detection. High sensitivity gas sensor array technology
enables pollution event and process monitoring to part-per-billion

The Multisensor MS2000 Total Trihalomethane (TTHM) monitor
allows real time monitoring of DBP levels in the drinking water
distribution network. This product has been received
enthusiastically around the world, ensuring regulatory
compliance and treatment efficiency .
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magazine article all about our Trihalomethane Monitor.

Our VOC monitors or Hydrocarbon monitors are class leaders
in performance and have been deployed to many major utility
and industrial customers. The range of models available are
ideal for a wide variety of applications and have been successfully
utilised for the detection of VOCs and Hydrocarbons in clean
water, protection of waste water treatment works and protection
against accidental discharge for manufacturing companies.
Our monitors were recently deployed in Canada following a major
incident, with great success - click here to read about it

More recently our monitors have been used to monitor Carbon beds
to detect VOC breakthrough and there are applications in many
other industries such as monitoring frac produced water. Due to
demand, we have recently added an ATEX approved model to the

New applications are now being developed such as ammonia in
water detection, waste water treatment control, chemical process
emissions detection, agricultural installation management and in
building monitoring systems. All part of Multisensor's growing portfolio.


Industry Applications


Multisensor Systems provides industry leading protection for clean water treatment works and waste water installations and monitoring of the water distribution network.

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Accidental spillage of fuels, oils and other organic chemicals and minimising emissions from processes is a corporate obligation. Multisensor can help you to be a leader in your community.

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Multisensor technology is now being applied to the indoor environment. Monitoring of workplace conditions and manufacturing processes is a design and build issue. Multisensor can help.

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Oil and gas

Multisensor products are used to monitor groundwater for leakage and accidental spillage finding its way to the aquifer. Our high sensitivity products provide early warning of contamination and of fuel loss.

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The protection of the environment: water, land and air, is Multisensor’s business. Standard and bespoke instrumentation is designed to provide the most advanced and reliable protection.

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