Hydrocarbon Pollution case proceeds in State Court

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  • 2011-09-12 11:54:20
An ongoing court case, claiming that toxic hydrocarbon pollutants leaked from the neighboring property onto the Plaintiffs' property. Plaintiffs, in their lawsuit, have alleged that its soil has been contaminated by oil and other hydrocarbon products as a result of years of leaks emanating from storage tanks maintained by the neighbouring company. Court documents state that Plaintiffs claim their damages are in excess of $30,000,000 and that remediation may cause the shut down of their business. Plaintiffs are engaged in on-going testing and monitoring of their site to insure that the pollutants are not contaminating the ground water. see the full article here

Environment agency encourage oil pollution prevention

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  • 2011-09-12 11:42:46
Environment Agency officers will be visiting 43 companies on the Dunkirk Industrial Estate near Nottingham to carry out pollution prevention and hazardous waste visits between 7th. and 9th. September 2011. The main aim of these visits is to work with the companies on the Dunkirk Estate to prevent any pollution incidents, such as fuel and oil going down surface water drains and ending up in the nearby Tottle Brook. Tottle Brook has also suffered from various other environmental incidents in the past which have included fly-tipping and illegal waste. See the full story here

Oil pollution source found in Aberystwyth Harbour

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  • 2011-09-12 11:38:32

The source of oil which polluted Aberystwyth harbour has been found, says Environment Agency Wales.

The red diesel oil spill has been traced to a nearby company, which has not been named, but the investigation into the cause is continuing. Officials said the pollution had stopped but "residue" in the sewerage system could still get flushed out and enter the harbour. Traces of the pollution have also been reported on Aberystwyth South beach. On Monday, Public Health Wales and Ceredigion County Council were advising people who were staying on boats in the area to seek alternative accommodation. They also said it might be advisable for residents to keep doors and windows closed. The oil caused a "visible sheen" on the water, and odour problems had persisted in the area but officials expected the situation to improve. for the full story go to BBC news website
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