Come and meet us at the SWIG workshop on Contamination Risk Management and Drinking Water Security!

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  • 2012-01-18 15:05:45
Our MD, Brad Weaterton, will be presenting at the workshop on "Onsite monitoring of surface and groundwater" Further details about the programme can be found here We hope to see you there!

Our brand new product, ideal for monitoring drinking water sources such as boreholes. The MS1200 oil in water monitor

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  • 2012-01-18 14:51:11
- Multisensor Systems Ltd has announced the launch of the MS1200, an on-line VOC Monitor for Hydrocarbon and Oil in Water concentration measurements. The MS1200 uses advanced gas sensing techniques to provide a non contact and reagent free system. The instrument is designed to measure VOC concentrations as low as 5 ppb. The MS1200 implements a true concentration measurement together with an alarm system with user programmable alarm levels. Unlike other methods of measuring VOCs the Multisensor product does not require laboratory facilities nor does it employ any chemicals in its implementation. This reduces costs and time in monitoring VOCs at borehole sites, at the input of water treatment works or at environmentally sensitive locations. The Multisensor MS1200 Monitor works by passing gas, from the headspace above the water, across a sensor array. The data from the sensors is subsequently processed to provide concentration levels and statistics. There is no direct contact with the water being monitored resulting in servicing only being required every 6 months, minimising cost. The instrument reports concentrations of VOCs using a variety of communications interface options, including wireless, digital wired interfaces such as Profibus and a 4 – 20mA analogue current loop for SCADA systems. Historical data is stored within the monitor and this can be downloaded for further analysis via the wireless interface or by connecting a PC to the USB port. This method is also used for firmware upload and reporting of instrument status. Consuming a typical 10W and working with power supplies from 90V to 240V AC or 24V DC over a temperature range of 0 – 50C the product provides accuracy of better than +/- 10% using the sample presentation system which is provided. The MS1200 is available now as a system mounted on a backboard or as individual components.
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