Success for Multisensor Systems MS1200-SYS in Granular Activated Carbon Bed Monitoring

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  • 2012-10-17 16:21:02

- Multisensor Systems Ltd has announced the successful deployment of the MS1200-SYS VOC and Hydrocarbon monitoring system in GAC Filter Monitoring applications. The MS1200-SYS has now been installed in locations globally and customers are enthusiastic about the projected cost savings, through reduced carbon replenishment.
The key benefits to users, in monitoring the condition of their Carbon Filter Beds and the detection of breakthrough, are increased lifetime of media - resulting in reduced costs, and removal of the risk that when the media is exhausted, harmful or un-licensed emissions to the environment may occur.
Applications include; monitoring filtration plant used in land and water remediation projects, gas storage and de-humidification, industrial processing and water treatment.
Providing round the clock monitoring, the MS1200-SYS is an on-line VOC / Hydrocarbon in water (% Concentration) monitoring system, based on advanced gas sensing techniques, and is designed to measure VOC concentrations in the range of 10 – 1,000 ppb.
The MS1200-SYS can provide trend data for the condition of the filter and can generate alarms if user definable thresholds are exceeded.
Unlike other methods of measuring VOCs the Multisensor range of systems do not require laboratory facilities nor do they employ any chemicals in implementation. This reduces running costs, servicing requirements and operator input, saving both time and money.

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