Multisensor appoints a distributor for Czech Republic and Slovak Republic

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  • 2017-12-20 18:04:31

Multisensor Systems is proud to announce the appointment of ECM ECO Monitoring, a.s., Bratislava as our official distributor for Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. With more than 25 years of experience, a dedicated workforce and a highly technical sales team, ECM ECO Monitoring ranked as the best partner to represent Multisensor Systems, whose Oil in Water Monitor systems are the market leaders in the United Kingdom.

ECM ECO Monitoring will focus on developing the market for the MS1200 Oil in Water Monitor, as well as the on-line Ammonia Monitor for Raw Waste Water, the MS3500. Both use Multisensor’s contactless measurement system, which utilises electronic nose technology to provide a non-fouling technique to provide a robust measurement system.

Various technologies to detect hydrocarbons and oils have been tested in the Slovak and Czech market throughout the years, however, the results have always been poor. Many of the traditional methods (i.e. optical based systems) suffer from fouling and are affected by the levels of turbidity and suspended solids. All these issues are completely removed with a contactless technology.

If you are an operator of a water treatment works in Slovak Republic or Czech Republic, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will help you with your application.

Multisensor Appoints a Distributor in Romania

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  • 2017-12-12 16:41:33
We are proud to announce that we have recently appointed Katalin Nohse Srl. as distributor for Romania. With more than 20 years of experience in the Romanian market, Katalin Nohse Srl., is the perfect partner to support our growing customer base in the country.

Katalin Nohse will support Multisensor’s on-line products below:

Oil in water monitor for the Romanian market

It is clear that contamination from hydrocarbons (oil in water, VOC) and other pollutants is a growing concern in Romania, above all in the Danube area and around big cities that rely heavily on rivers and boreholes for their water needs.

A recent example that highlights the need for monitoring for pollution events is the incident at the essential oil factory in Orastie, which led to the pollution of Mures River and the Orastie stream.

In October 2017, research was carried out involving 15 of the 42 municipal water companies in Romania: brochures were handed to the relevant people and discussions were held. The feedback Multisensor Systems got from this initial research was that there is awareness of problems associated with oil in water and other pollutants.

A VOC monitor that can measure volatile organic compounds such as benzene, methanol, naphthalene, isopropanol etc. will allow the operators of potable water treatment plants to receive an early warning in the case of a pollution event and save money for costly repairs and the costs of prosecution and to enhance the health of customers by improving the overall quality of the water.

Ammonia monitor for the Romanian market

Discussions with operators of waste water treatment plants also highlighted the need in the market for an ammonia monitor that is able to work at the inlet of a wastewater treatment plant (raw wastewater).

As in many other countries in Europe, operators have to rely on weekly/monthly lab tests to determine the level of ammonia at a specific point in time and then, based on this result, they will set up the plant to deal with this level of ammonia.

This process has a number of pitfalls:

  • It is time consuming for the operator
  • The water treatment plant will rely on a measurement per week/month
  • In order to deal with peaks of ammonia, the whole plant will have to run in such a way to cope with these peaks and still be within the regulatory requirements
  • This usually leads to huge waste of energy and chemicals

For all these reasons, the need of an on-line ammonia monitor has always been strongly felt by the operators who want a tool to reduce the energy costs of running the plant and a way to be more proactive in their water treatment.

Looking forward an interesting 2018

In 2018 Multisensor Systems and Katalin Nohse will work together to make sure that the Romanian market is well supported and that potable and wastewater plants alike have access to the best possible contactless technologies to face the challenges of the water industry.

If you need help with a specific application involving:

Then please, feel free to get in touch with us at  

Multisensor speaks your language!

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  • 2017-12-08 15:46:22

Multisensor Systems Ltd. is proud to announce a new addition to the team, Gabriele Ostuni who joined us in September as Sales Manager, Europe and brings with him wide experience in the water monitoring and industrial sectors and provides the ability to support customers in French, Italian, Spanish and English.

Gabriele will lead a team of specialized distributors in Europe who will provide technical solutions for water monitoring applications, both in providing the right product and in supporting customers to achieve the highest level of protection, process control and data integrity.

The applications include on-line Oil in Water Monitors, Trihalomethane Monitors and Ammonia Monitors and extend from water intake protection, drinking water quality measurements, waste water discharge compliance to raw waste water treatment control.

If you are based in Europe and need to measure Oil in Water, Hydrocarbons in Water, Trihalomethanes or Ammonia in Raw Waste Water then please get in touch with Gabriele at:

Multisensor Systems Ltd

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