MS3500-SYS Ammonia in Waste Water Monitoring System
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MS3500-SYS Ammonia in Waste Water Monitoring System

The MS3500-SYS is a system designed for the measurement of Ammonia in Raw Waste Water. Its contactless design provides reliable measurements in even the harshest environments.

New sensor technology provides the platform for the design, which also features industry leading sampling techniques, a new user interface and comprehensive communications capability.

Using minimal reagents and consumables the running costs of the system are very low.

The MS3500-SYS is accurate from 0.5 to 200 ppm and its wide dynamic range allows it to be used in a wide variety of environments.


  • Dynamic Range:1 ppm – 200 ppm in water
  • Absolute Accuracy: Ammonia in Water: ±10%
  • Repeatability: Repeated measurement, 5ppm Ammonia in Water: ±2%
  • Sampling Frequency: 30 minutes
  • Relays: 2x, User Programmable function
  • Analogue Output: 4 – 20mA, Loop Resistance 40 Ω – 1k Ω
  • Digital Outputs: Modbus, Profibus as options
  • Typical Power Consumption: 70W in normal operation
  • NaOH Requirement: 10l of 1M NaOH per 15 Weeks
  • Enclosure: IP67
  • Operating Temperature: 1 – 50C

Coming soon – November 2017

Coming soon – November 2017

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