The Management Team

The team at Multisensor have wide experience in the sensor and electronics sectors in international markets and have been successful in taking young companies to success. The company has the benefit of world leading research and development capability through its links with the University of Manchester.

Brad Weaterton – Managing Director/CEO

Brad Weaterton brings to Multisensor extensive international business and management success, gained in the electronics industry with Texas Instruments, Mitel and most recently with Phyworks Ltd. He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Birmingham and an MBA from the University of Aston.

Krishna Persaud - Chief Scientist

Professor Persaud is a full time member of staff at the University of Manchester and is both a board member of Multisensor and our technical consultant. He is a recognised authority in “electronic nose” technology, having been a founder of Aromascan, a company which was subsequently purchased by Osmetech. Professor Persaud developed the original Multisensor VOC monitor and is closely involved with new leading edge developments and with our customers.

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Multisensor Systems ltd are a leading supplier or volatile organic compounds (VOC) monitors, Ammonia monitors and Trihalomethane monitors