The protection of the environment is what Multisensor is all about. Products which enable the protection of water catchments, ground water and the air.

Multisensor Systems Limited has developed two instruments ideal for the monitoring of surface and ground water, discharges and run off for unwanted pollution from hydrocarbons or ammonia.

  • MS1200
    • Designed for detection of hydrocarbon based pollutants in river water or water sources
    • Environmental monitoring of streams, rivers and groundwater is provided by the MS1200-SYS Oil in Water Monitor, with product extensions to cover industrial emissions and the accidental discharge of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from manufacturing facilities.
    • Land fill and agricultural installations are further markets in which Multisensor plays, using innovative techniques to provide cost effective solutions.
  • MS3500
    • This is a highly reliable measurement system for Ammonia pollution in the harshest environments, able to handle the most difficult waters without blockage.


Multisensor’s development work continues with new instruments aimed at the environmental protection market as well as the research of sensor and signal processing IP to support these activities.


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