Manufacturing industries have a legal and moral responsibility to protect the environment from the consequences of accidental spillage or discharge of harmful materials such as petrol, gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, oilsand other VOCs.


Multisensor’s products are part of the armoury of precautions which can be used to protect companies from the consequences of accidents.

By monitoring drainage and other paths to either the sewer network or streams, rivers and groundwater, Multisensor products such as the MS1200-SYS Oil in Water monitor, can, as part of a wider system, provide automated shut off and containment functions. Remote and unmanned facilities can now be made safe at low cost and with a high degree of reliability.

Monitoring of gaseous emissions from processing plants can also be enabled using Multisensor's instruments. Making sure that regulatory limits are met and allowing frequent, on-line monitoring to be implemented. Multisensor products are already being used in manufacturing facilities, providing cost effective protection and proven reliability.

Carbon beds are extensively used within manufacturing industries to remove pollutants from water prior to discharge. The Multisensor online VOC monitor has been deployed in several different settings to detect VOC breakthrough in the outflow stream. This not only prevents discharge of polluted water, it also ensures that the bed is fully utilised before recharging, therefore increasing the cost-effectiveness of the system.

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