Multisensor’s first applications were in the water industry, protecting clean water intakes to treatment plants from contamination by fuels, oils and other pollutants.

The very high level of sensitivity combined with on line reporting, meant that intakes could be shut before damage was done to expensive treatment equipment. Further uses have seen the products monitoring ground water sources for contamination from accidental fuel spillage and leakage from storage facilities.

Now the MS1200-SYS oil in water monitor is also being used in waste water applications, again protecting treatment works but also river and streams from contamination.

The launch of the MS2000 THM monitor extended the use of Multisensor’s technology into the distribution network, for the first time enabling real time reporting of Disinfection ByProduct levels.

Our current project allows real time monitoring of Ammonia levels in water - the MS3000 Ammonia monitor
The MS3000 will be launched at WWEM 2016, so please come to visit us at stand 45

Multisensor will continue to develop its products for the water industry, protecting assets, the environment and the customer. Watch this space for more exciting developments at the cutting edge of sensor applications!

Please contact us to discuss how Multisensor can help with your water monitoring requirements.