New distributor appointed for Central America

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  • 2018-06-26 11:32:21
Multisensor Systems Ltd. is proud to announce that the company A.V. ELECTRONICA INDUSTRIAL PANAMA, S.A, is now our official distributor for the following countries: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The company is managed by Pedro Azuaje, an electrical engineer with a vast experience in process automation and water analysis. The company has more than a decade of experience working with the clean water and wastewater sector in Venezuela and has now expanded its presence with an office in Panama.

An MS1200 VOC analyser is already installed in the Panama Canal. The constant transit of vessels results in a high risk of collisions with the banks or structures of the canal and produce an accidental spill of oil. This would compromise the supply of potable water for consumption and general uses in the Canal Zone.

The Canal Authority decided to use the MS1200 system as an early warning system in case of contamination, thus preventing the suspension of the service, high maintenance costs and cleaning tasks that could arise from an oil spill. The instrument is installed in a pumping station about 30 metres from the banks of the Canal from where the water is taken. The water is analysed for the presence of oil and VOCs every 15 minutes and if there is an increase in the level, an alarm is activated and an action is taken. The environment is constantly warm and humid, which is very hostile to all electronic equipment. The MS1200 has performed reliably since installation

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