Multisensor supports the oil and petroleum industry by providing instrumentation to monitor leakage from storage facilities, emissions from processing, surveillance of brown field sites and protection of the environment.

The high sensitivity of the MS1200-SYS Oil in Water Monitor will detect the lowest levels of contamination and provides the assurance that the environment is being protected and that product is not being lost.


Many smaller leakages and spillages can go undetected or unmonitored, whilst the risk of clean-up costs being incurred increases as time goes on. Multisensor can detect water contamination very early and can, if a leak does occur, be used to re assure the community and to show the real level of damage, by monitoring the situation over the long term.


MS1200 – Is ideal for:

  • Monitoring local sources for a spill event
  • Measuring pre discharge cooling waters to ensure system integrity and to prevent discharge to river or air
  • Oil interceptor monitoring
  • Drain and waste water contamination detection



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