Polish distributor Gremes visits Multisensor and Oil in Water Monitor installation.

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  • 2018-03-09 12:53:25

Between 5th and 7th of March, Multisensor Systems were very happy to host Patryk and Krzysztof from Gremes, our distributor in Poland ( www.gremes.pl ). Over the course of three days they received full commercial, technical and scientific training on the Multisensor range of products such as the Ammonia Monitor (MS3500) for raw wastewater, the THM Monitor (MS2000), - for post chlorinated water and the Oil in Water Monitor (MS1200) .

A particular interesting part of the training was a visit to a UK water company where an MS1200 has been providing protection for a drinking water intake for two years.

The unit was installed after a pollution event created some problems for the water treatment plant. The water company chose the MS1200 Oil in Water Monitor due to its proven performance, low operating costs and high reliability.

The instrument is installed in an outbuilding (around 100 metres from the river where the water is abstracted) together with other instruments (turbidimeter, pH etc…) and all their readings are recorded and sent to a central location.

The time the water takes to reach the water treatment plant provides enough time for the operators to act to protect assets and customers in the case of a contamination event in the river. The river runs through some heavily industrialised areas where there are chemical and petrochemical plants.

Gremes were able to appreciate the factors which make the MS1200 an ideal choice for the Water Company and the practical considerations of such an installation. This enables them to support customers in Poland in choosing the right product for their application and providing a high level of technical support.

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