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MS1100-SYS VOC Hydrocarbon Event Monitoring System. Oil in Water Detection System

The MS1100-SYS is an Oil in Water Monitor designed as an alarm system for clean and waste water monitoring applications. It provides on-line, real time monitoring and alarm generation for the protection of equipment and the environment.
Uses and Applications:
Protection of raw water intakes
Alarm system to alert users to fuel leaks and valve failure
Monitor for waste water outflows
Oil Interceptor monitor, oil separator monitor
Oil in water monitor
The instrument utilises a contactless measurement technique, measuring headspace gases in the provided sampling tank, and is ideal for high sensitivity applications such as clean water intakes.
The MS1100-SYS provides very high sensitivity, to low ppb levels, fast processing and low cost of ownership through long servicing and validation periods.
The instrument can be powered from either AC or DC supplies, provides various communications options and is also available as a stand alone monitor without sampling system- see MS1100

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